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It’s Never Too Early to Support Learners

Pace Austin, LLC has a variety of ways for students to achieve their academic goals. Weekly groups, private one-to-one tutoring, or just a little homework help. Let us know how we can serve you!

Small Group Study sessions provide weekly in depth learning for students in a small group setting of no more than 6 students. Classes are membership-based per month with a 2-month minimum

Homework Helper is a drop-in space for students to get homework support as needed. This is membership-based per week, where students can come an unlimited number of times Monday - Thursday.

(8 week minimum)

Private tutoring is one-to-one tutoring with a Pace instructor. Private tutoring is scheduled individually by the parent and tutor. We offer  flexible in-person and/or virtual tutoring.

Spring-Up sessions are parent-requested special small-group sessions, to prepare for a test, written assignment, complete a project,  or to achieve a specific goal.

Fall Launch is a readiness program for students to warm up and prepare for their upcoming grade. Fall Launch is for students Pre-K through 9th grade.

Test Prep helps students prepare for standardized tests, including the ISEE and SSAT. We offer Test Prep in a small group setting or through private tutoring. 

Summer Learning is an opportunity for students to continue their learning over the summer individually or in a small-group. Summer Learning can be intensive (each day over the course of a week or two) or spread throughout the summer based on parent schedules and student activities.

Pace It Forward is an avenue  for free or reduced-cost tutoring to level the playing field for students who have a strong desire to grown their learning despite financial hardship. We welcome donations to pay teachers to seek these amazing opportunities.


Our purpose is to develop well-rounded, confident, engaged learners through small-group and individual instruction. PACE AUSTIN instructors' educational expertise and passion are integral to achieving this mission. 

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