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Pace Austin Classes

Pace Austin has a lot to offer you! The class categories focus on opportunities for long-term consistent learning as well as focused private instruction tailored to meet individual needs, schedules, and locations. With more immediate + short-term goals, such as prepping for an upcoming exam, project, or written assignment, Pace Austin offers parents a Spring-Up solution. As a complement to our academic course offerings, Pace Austin knows the foundation for all learning begins with a healthy self-image and social-emotional strength.

Private Tutoring

Private Tutoring Sessions are one-to-one sessions with a Pace Austin Specialist. Parents can click on our Specialist drop-down and see a list of available teachers and their specialties. Parents can then request a number of sessions per week, choose a convenient location (at 102 Westlake or a student's school) and pay directly through the website. Private tutoring has no minimum time requirement.

Small-Group Study sessions are the offering that sets Pace Austin apart from the competition. With all of the shifts in education and the reality of a 50-minute class period, Pace Austin can offer your child the chance to dig more deeply into a course, and/or practice the skills learned in such a short time with a small peer group of no more than six students. Small-Group Study sessions are intended to span the course of a semester with the flexibility of only a two-month minimum. Students meet consistently (once a week) with a Pace Austin Specialist and delve into an area of interest or need. 

Spring-Up Sessions

Spring-Up Sessions are parent-requested small group opportunities to prepare for an upcoming exam, project, or written assignment. They are intended to be short-term core subject sessions. There is no minimum time requirement for Spring-Up Sessions. 

Some examples of Spring-Up Sessions requested by parents: 

  • ISEE/SSAT tutoring

  • Advanced 6th-grade math group

  • Prep for math exam

  • Homework Helper

Fall Launch 

Check back this summer for Fall Launch dates! 

Fall launch is a three-week readiness program offered in August to prepare students for their upcoming grade in school. Fall Launch is for students in pre-k through 9th grade.

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